Brand New CAR!

This week we got a call from the mission office and they told us we have a brand new Rav4 waiting for us at the mission office. So the ext day we drove down to San Antonio and picked her up… We are in love and I will probably have to get one when I get home! LOVE IT! We also dont know how we got so lucky with that one, but we are grateful!

We hit our goal  this week and Christian came to church again! It has been months since we have taught him! We were excited to see him again!

Week 27 a
The Johnsons always take our district under thier wing! (They made us a full breakfast… Waffles and gravy, YUM!) Also me doing the dishes I think I am the only missionary that knows how…’
Breakfast with the Johnsons

This week while driving around I wanted to go to this area that is clearly wealthy and son after we arrived we noticed that there would have been no YSA aged people and the area was EMPTY! nobody was walking the streets and each house was individually gated off. It was clear to us that we wouldn’t be successful there. That’s when out of the corner of our eye we noticed A DEER! There were a few of them but we thought it was funny that we found a deer (Sister Hicken’s training in zone conference last week correlated extremely well with the deer.) ANYWAYS, we watch the deer and then pulled over to kind of stalk it, (undignified but relates in a second) Then this girl about 20 walks up to our window to ask if we were lost. Which we weren’t, we were just deer watching, but it was awesome, I mean seriously in this whole neighborhood of (Probably rich retired couples) the one YSA walks right up to us! She will be coming to an activity this week. 🙂

We did a lot of “clearing the area book” this week and ended up helping SO MANY PEOPLE MOVE! When you live near collage campus people are moving every 4 months so we get to help, A LOT! It has become a great way o contacting, and probably good form of entertainment seeing the sisters in skirts helping move.

Well, right now we are teaching a few people and they are all solid.

We served at the nursing home this week, as well as the food bank. Its really fun to work with people who have lived such full lives, and not just because they tell you the same story 5 times, but because they are all way different and each have a cool story!

Service at the Food Bank

Have a good one folks. Love you all!

P.S. Pick up the book of Mormon and read in 3 Nephi when Christ is personally ministering to all. The chapters are truly neat, and when you really want to see the pure love he has for everyone, it is so obvious on those chapters. Wow, I love this Gospel! Also, I wouldn’t be where I am if it weren’t for my amazing parents. They rock. Have a good week 🙂

-Sister Kennadi Smith

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