Kimberly Uno y Kimberly Dos

This week we had exchanges and I was with Sister Mann in the Austin ward area. We went out and we found some really great people!

We kept walking and we saw through a fence a huge group of people playing volleyball so we walked back there to talk to them and they invited us to play! We played for a good hour and it was the most fun time ever! The best part was the language barrier… It  I didn’t understand anything they were saying! They kept calling us Kimberly one and Kimberly 2 because they didn’t know our names and they thought we were just saying we were sisters. oh well! It was a blast!

Week 26 Volleyball

We had zone conference this week and it was SO GOOD! The topics were consecrated missionaries as well as finding. We are focusing on finding a lot in this area and it has been really good!
We are still teaching Robert, Bryan, Harrison, will, Danny and more. Those are our focuses right now and they are all progressing pretty well. Danny is going to be baptized in a few weeks and I am stoked, mostly for the cello performance by his friend.

This week as I went to throw some trash away I heard someone in the dumpster and I felt bad but I had to throw my trash in… I threw it in and then something hissed at me. It was then I realized it was more likely a raccoon than a person, and it was, the cutest little baby tiny rabies infested raccoon! adorable.

Week 26 Raccoon
Have a good week everyone!

-Sister Kennadi Smith

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