I’m Just the Bap-Tee

This week was a good one! They come and go a lot faster than I thought they would… I have less than 1 year left!

This week we taught Danny who is getting baptized in August and when we were talking about logistics for him. We were double checking on times and what accommodations we had to make for all his friends flying into town and he says  “Hey doesn’t matter to me, I am just the bap-tee!”

Needless to say we laughed and he is way prepared.

A few weeks ago we met a man named Robert and he was asking about our tags, we told him and invited him to church, but no show. About a week after, we happened to run into him again and before we could say anything he asked if he could  get a ride to church and wants to know more about ours! We started teaching him this week and it was great! After the first meeting with him he asked if he could bring his friend to the next lesson. His friend Harrison came to the next lesson and loved it! Robert called us again and asked if he could bring his OTHER friend Bryan to the next lesson! At first we were nervous because he knows these friends from his church and we didn’t know what his intentions were for bringing his friends, but it was really because he wanted them to learn too! okay, fast forward a little bit… We show up to Robert’s lesson with Bryan and we knew Bryan already but couldn’t figure out why! We finally figured it out and when we went on campus a few weeks ago Bryan was there and I offered him a book of Mormon and he denied it. In our lesson I offered again and he took it and committed to read from it.
That was fun 🙂

Week 24 Slurpee Day
Robert came to church this week and spoke in class more than anyone else! He is a fun one!
Also, Robert must be a lucky name here in the area….
Our investigators are all coming back into town so that is really good news.
Laurel and Nate are ENGAGED! way excited because they are one of our favorite couples and way sad because they are moving out of the YSA… congrats though. (I may have been more excited than her.)

Week 24 Someone got Married
Well, friends, family, life is good. I love my mission, I love serving others, and I am grateful for the support you all show me every week!
All in!

-Sister Kennadi Smith

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