What a Week!

Hello all! Thank you for all the love you all have shown me this week! It was one to remember!  This Tuesday on the fourth, we spent the day finding and at our last finding activity we were at Zilker Park with thousands of people just talking to everyone inviting them to upcoming activities and doing what we do best. It was so fun!
Week 23 Happy Fourth
Just before the fireworks went off we started to head home and we stopped for a second to take a photo of the city skyline when I recognized someone from Lindon! Small world for sure.

For lunch on the fourth, a member and her dad took us to the best hot dog place of my life! I ate a sausage made out of ALLIGATOR. Way yummy!

Week 23 Goofy Lunch Date

We got to meet with president this week and It was so good! We really focused on what we will do in these upcoming weeks to bring more people in (during the summer break) we will be focusing on bringing in 4 new investigators A WEEK and we are promised it will lead to 1 baptism a month! I am looking forward to trying my best and seeing how it turns out.

For a finding activity to find our 10 people, we decided to take the bus and just get on, go wherever it took us around town, and get off at our stop again. We forgot that buses dont usually accommodate our area restrictions and we accidentally forgot to pay attention so when the bus stopped at the top, we found ourselves about 30 minutes out of our area… happens to the best of us. We did talk to SOOO many people though, and they cant really run away from us so it was fun. 🙂
Week 23 Finding on the Bus
Usually when we talk to people and get to know them we find out they have a close relationship with members of the church. We have come across so many in the last week that were members and fell away in their teens… I wonder how often God puts people in our path just as a subtle reminder that he is watching over them! Kind of similar to the tory of the Brothers that hadn’t ever met until years after!
When it rains here, it pours! However, it rains so sideways that we will be under clear blue skies and in the pouring rain. It’s awesome.
Week 23 Rainbow
Nothing new here! I love it. Few more weeks with my Hicken nugget until she leaves me here in Austin.

Til next week!
Week 23 High Five on Bikes
P.S. Sorry for the scattered email. We had a busy day and Ill write next week!

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