Eye Love to See the Temple

Summer (Our recent convert) got to go to the temple this week! She did baptisms and it was so special! Because mission rules have changed a tad bit, we got to go with her! Due to an unfortunate even that happened this week (a cockroach infestation) I accidentally got bug killer in my eye which caused some way bad irritation all week and It’s been a way struggle, so I couldn’t do baptisms. Summer did some of my family names! It was way special. Being in the temple again was so refreshing! Mostly because when I was in there I felt overwhelming peace and I LOVED IT!
Also, fun trip down to San Antonio!
We had our last district meeting/meal at the clay pit. The Johnson’s take us each transfer. It was some sort of buffet for Indian food… (I’m nervously smiling right now!)

This week we continued to find find find. Yesterday there was a guy walking by in a Beatles shirt BINGO! I mean really he was just begging me to talk to him about my Beatles obsession… So I did! I invited him to the Break the Fast meal at the church and he came! His name is Robert and he was really cool, Ill keep you posted.

A few months ago, we met a girl named Patricia, she referred herself and we taught her for a while before being transferred back into just capital ward. She is a hoot! She was baptized this week and it was so special. She thought she was going to drown in the baptismal font, she did okay. She loves us all a little too much and we love her too! She is going to make a solid member of this family.
Week 22 Patricia Baptism

The guy with the grill, he was hanging outside of the institute for a while so we invited him to our MEET THE MORMONS night.
The Guy with the Grill
OH Sister Hicken and I decided to host a movie night for a Family Home evening Next Monday! I made a flyer that we posted around campus, and used a skill mom taught me to perforate the doted line and make them tear-able! its GREAT! Also thanks mom! Check out the flyer, and tell me if you notice anything FUN! (hint: Yoo-hoo Family!) Okay I put my own family in the flyer.

meet the mormons final-1
One last random story, We have been doing so much finding lately and we always run into people who know who Mormons are, they know someone that is Mormon, or they have heard about us! Seriously like everyone. Chances are, your friends all know you’re a Mormon so why not share with them what you believe? This week we met a boy who lives RIGHT BEHIND the temple and even went inside for the open house because he was curious! Its our job to find these people who know about us but don’t know us yet. So lets invite them to meet with the missionaries! I challenge each of you this week to share with someone who’s not of this faith, to come to an activity, or fhe lesson with you and the family! Then let me know how it goes!
I love you all!

-Sister Kennadi Smith

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