Something Fishy

This week we got to meet with a lot more people! Danny is set for August 8, we got to meet with David again before he leaves for Ireland, and we got about 3 referrals this week! Getting to be better. While sister Hicken and I were in the area we went and saw robert… pictured. Wow we missed him!
Week 21 Visiting Robert
We did some finding along the Riverwalk this week, met Rex (pictured with fish)
Week 21 Something Fishy
We saw a lot of blessings this week and I can truly say, I am in the best mission on the earth! I will be killing sister Hicken out of the mission so she will be staying with me until she goes… yay!
We have been teaching wWill, and his family has completely disowned him since he started taking the missionary discussions… He isn’t allowed to step foot in his house…  kinda makes me wonder, what are we willing to do to live the gospel of Jesus Christ? Something to ponder on this week.
This week we went to knock on a door of a member and we clearly walked up the wrong staircase. 3 flights up the wrong staircase so we decided to knock at the door anyways. This lady opened up and told us that she had actually gone to the Mormon church the week before and her cousin had just been baptized unto the church. Coincidence? No Way! When we headed down the staircase after talking to her there was a lady holding about 4 beers and we decided to say hello. She immediately told us she had been praying to find answers. She wanted to hear more and told us she wanted to know where she will go after she dies, because she has been experiencing a lot of death in her family. Crazy! God knows us so well. He knew we needed to be there. He’s literally a miracle worker.
Funny story for you. We live with 2 other sisters so usually one of us gets home before the other… this week we got home first one night, put on our pajamas and for some reason decided to do our hair funky…(We were about to do a hair treatment before bed so we were messing around) wellll…. the sisters knocked at the door which means that we must have accidentally locked the top lock that you can’t open from the outside, sister Hicken and i opened the door (with our crazy hair and pajamas. and it wasnt the sisters. How embarrassing! We laughed it off…
This week we saw some blessings… lots of them:)
Also, while in church yesterday I decided to write down the question, why did I decide to come on a mission and what have I accomplished thus far? We went into relief society and they happened to lay the same exact video that I watched when I made the choice to come serve a mission. It was a pretty cool thing because it’s moments like those that I know my heavenly father is so proud of me. I know that he’s watching out for each one of us.
I feel really bad that I wasn’t detailed with my email this week, but meeting with our investigators is truly amazing and it’s picking up speed. I love you all!!
Week 21 Bridge

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