Pass Along Cards and Answered Prayers

Alright everyone, here’s a good one for the week!

A few months ago we were on our way to go see a member of the YSA ward. We were walking through some apartment parking lot where we found a man washing his car and we said hello! He didn’t speak ANY English and we couldn’t understand each other due to our inability to speak french. We gave him a pass along card with our phone number on it and continued on our way!
We do this all the time so it didn’t seem any different until a few weeks following when on good Friday we got a call from an unknown number, it happened to be Jean Marie who we had given the card to! He still spoke very little English and amidst a lot of confusion over the phone he said he wanted to go to church and we were about 20 minutes away. So over the phone we said ” okay just one second” (so we could see if we would be able to stop our plans and meet him) He understood that he had to be there in one second and so we met him there and attempted to teach him!
Well, Jean Marie had his baptism on Saturday and has never been happier! We are so glad that all the ward members who have helped out in translating (so many French speakers who knew!)
Week 20 Jean Marie
We are excited for him!
He is from Rwanda and can’t wait to send missionaries to his family. He is a refugee here for a little while…
As you all know it has been a struggle to teach in this ward lately because everyone happens to be gone for summer. SAD. We got a call last week that someone from the summer sales groups wants to be baptized, we met with him this week and he said he knows it is what he needs to do, and he set his own date. Solid.
Zone conference was this week and we got to hear from elder Cornish of the 70. He called a few people up for a role play and sister Hicken and I were the Polley daughters (every missionaries dream.) It was so cool to hear his insight and the main mission focus is working with the members right now! Way cool day:)
We are also teaching a few others who are out of town and will hopefully come home soon. We miss them:)
I love my ward, it’s like being in a ward with all of your best friends!
Also, my companions are the best. Every day is a good one for one reason or the other.
1.Never not upside down
Week 20 Never Not Upside Down
This outfit doesn’t do me any justice whatsoever
Week 20 This Outfit Doesnt do me Justice
Everyone and their dog has a dog
Week 20 Everyone and Their Dog Has a Dog
At least I feel better about eating 43 cookies this week
Week 20 At Least I Feel Better About Eating 43 Cookies This Week
Our favorite elder Johnson  (our service activity this week sorting through library note cards)
Week 20 Our Favorite Elder Johnson and Sorting Library Cards

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