Joseph Smith

This week was rough that’s for sure! We really struggled to find people to teach and everyone is just gone. We prayed and prayed that we would have an opportunity to find more investigators.

We set lots of goals this week…some of them being more personal like, I ran 11 miles this week! (That’s real good for someone who doesn’t like running.)
We got up earlier each day and started our days out with a run and then got to it..
Normally this would be a great idea, but it really wore us out and made me super unaware all week! One of the days we went to the church to practice something for zone conference this week and when we walked out I didn’t have the car keys, I left them inside, with the church keys to the church we just locked and walked out of…. we sat in the grass and waited for the Elders to come open it up. While waiting we recieved a call of a referral for a man named Joseph smith… yeah right! We invited him to church and he came and we were able to teach him Sunday afternoon! He will totally be baptized! He unfortunately isn’t YSA so we had to refer him to another set of missionaries.
Claire is a saint. She is the gal from China we have been able to teach for the course of a few months. Well, she goes home in 2 days and I have never felt much compassion for someone in my life! She told us how much this church means to her and it was a huge testimony builder. Imagine not being able to have something but it’s sitting right in front of you!!! She will bring a lot of Chinese to the truth, she will be a huge instrument in sharing the gospel in china. Brant was able to give her a blessing and invited us to come, it was incredible. Seriously I felt so blessed to be her friend and watch her testimony grow.
This church is true, and it brings happiness!!!
Last Visit with Claire
We worked with members a bazillion times this week, doing lots of service, mowing lawns, washing cars, and more! It was super fun actually:)
Also, puppies and kittens and frogs, lots of fun too:)
Have a good week all!
Sister Kennadi smith
1500 east riverside apt. 123
Austin, Texas 78741

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