Dog Story

Every missionary has a dog story, always! This week we got ours…funniest story ever in my opinion!
So we come up to this house that we had actually found the first week (going through less active members) in this area so we remembered it! We remembered that it was scary and we ended up leaving before knocking because it didn’t feel right… but now that it’s a lot more comfortable in this area we decided to go knock! We opened the gate and out come 2 giant vicious dogs CHARGING at us, we had already closed the gate behind us so we just stood there frozen and one of the dogs that was charging at us, slipped on the wet porch, and completely ran straight into a pole and flipped around and then continued to charge at almost the same speed. It was way funny! These dogs were pretty much going to kill us if the owner didn’t get them back inside… she seemed way confused at why we were there and didn’t want to hear us or what we had to say, meanwhile her dog has to have the most massive headache ever and it’s fave it’s skiwampus now from the pole… so we felt bad but also couldn’t stop laughing!
The work is so slow here! We make calls, get sent to voicemail, show up at potentials and they aren’t interested. Go to less actives who aren’t home. Knock on any door of members and they are out of town for the summer…

I hope it picks ups soon!

Jeremiah is doing well, he thinks (wants) to be the next prophet and he is working towards that. We joke because we don’t know how to politely tell him that not many people strive to be that! Also, we are just focusing on how we can help him understand the priesthood a little bit better for now.

We have been focusing a lot on family history work lately! We have Cinnamon who has found about 40 generations back worth of lineage… way impressive! Jeremiah has found about 4 lines back, and summer our recent convert is finding names to take to the temple! PROGRESS! So impressive.

This week is Sister Hicken’s birthday, so we will probably eat more than we should, and proselyte a little harder… she told us for her birthday she wants to work hard! A go getter really, When it comes to my birthday I will probably ask for Doritos and string cheese. 🙂

This week when driving to the edge of our area we found a way cool temple from who knows what religion… but it was cool!
Yesterday at church we got to teach Claire one last time before she moves back to china. She told us she got an apartment that is big enough for us to stay there when we go visit. Now I have to go visit china when I go home! We love Claire so much and it’s way sad to see her go home. She is going to be the strongest missionary non member EVER! She had a cool experience this past week where she went on a tour of Utah national Parks and also went to Salt lake city and toured the temple grounds… she ran into a missionary there who is either from china originally, or had just been there and said promising things to Claire. She had a good time in Utah, but she also tells us shes a workaholic and missed her work a lot while she was gone!

Thank you for the love and support from all! I love you!

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