Congress Bridge Bats

This week as our main finding activity, we went and stood by the Congress bridge around sunset, and watched over 1 million bats fly out and fly down the river. They do this every night and there are hundreds of people who go to watch, they start standing there around 6 And around 8:30 when the bats start flying, it is so packed! We get to talk to a lot of people! It’s way fun for us to talk to everyone and also enjoy the cool things that Austin Texas has to offer! I love it!!

Week 17 Congress Bridge Bats
We did not get to teach many lessons this week, in fact it was less than 5. It makes me realize how lucky we are when we get about 20 a week!
We have Jeremiah with a baptismal date. We found him walking outside a few weeks ago when he was playing Pokémon go and he was upset because he didn’t capture the one he was chasing. In our last lesson with him he told us he had been praying to meet someone who could bring him closer to Jesus Christ. PERFECT! He continues to progress and has come to church and just loves it!
This week we got into a car accident… again? Yes! After we hit him,  The man got out of his car and was obviously not from this country and he told us to not worry about anything and he drove off, needless to say it was a blessing! However I am now the designated driver…!
There is not too much to report on this week, it has been good, I love you all and I am constantly praying for you!
Sister Kennadi smith
1500 east riverside apt. 123
Austin, Texas 78741

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