Rain, Rain Come My Way

This week was a blast. For real. We had one day where it was pouring so hard that we had to pause our studies and run outside in the rain! It finally cooled down here. We decided to make brownies, popcorn, and watch a church movie for our companionship studies. So fun! The rain slowed down throughout the day and it was a nice perfect day!
We had one lesson this week and there were 4 televisions in the dark room and we could see pictures on them and when he came in he turned the televisions on and the static on the TV made the pictures came to life! It was way freaky..
Week 16 televisions
One of the members of another ward owns every game, probably, and it’s way fun to go to his house and see them. Picture attached.
Week 16 Games Galore
This week we saw many miracles Amidst the whole ward leaving for the summer. We have found it difficult to find people who have moved dorms or left for summer. It’s especially hard to find people to teach considering the low amount of people here for summer. We were out with the Capital ward council this week when we came across a lady pushing a stroller of a child who did not look like hers. She told us that she was helping out her neighbor who is moving and needs help. We went over and knocked on the door and she came out and was so surprised at our presence! We asked if we could help her move and she said “I must be dreaming!” We helped pack up a whole bedroom full of cluttered things and invited her to a barbecue that night (that the Austin ward was hosting) she was so taken back by our kindness and generosity and showed up to the barbecue with her hungry child. It was so nice to notice that our finding efforts are not going to waste and she will have one reason to smile.
Last night we were able to go do some finding activities and we chose to ride our bikes to the institute, lock them up there, and walk around finding. We kept walking past a boy who we said hello to each time, but did not feel compelled to talk to any further conversation than that. The weather got stormier and it began to pour and thunder extremely hard. We did not have a car, and our bikes were blocks away locked up at the Institute, we began to skip quickly towards the Institute because of course we didn’t bring an umbrella. Then when hurting past a dark house there was the same boy (for the 3rd time) and he was standing under his roof, he invited us over and instead of talking to him in passing we were able to teach him the whole plan of salvation in depth and answer all of his questions. The rain continued but we had to get going so as we stood to leave we invited him to some activities the YSA Is putting on for family home evening. His roomate came up to the door and asked to join!
Week 16 Before the Storm
We didn’t know why we chose to ride bikes on a cloudy day, we didn’t know why we forgot our bike lock and had to walk, we didn’t know why we didn’t bring an umbrella, and we didn’t know why we didn’t talk to him sooner. Until it all came together and we were able to teach him (Alec) and his roomate in a setting that was so perfectly orchestrated for it to work out.
Heavenly father knows us, he will put impressions into our minds and if we follow them, we will see countless blessings.

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