Go Robert!

Oh boy oh boy this was a good one!

To start off, this week we had dinner at a members house who was talking to his dog in Spanish and English (the dog is smarter than Hermana Smith over here) and we joked that instead of barking like a normal dog he probably rolls his r’s making more of a barrrrrk sound. Honestly being on a mission we find those things a lot more funny.
Happy Mothers Day to all the beautiful mom’s out there:) and to my wonderful mom who is the best one! Mom I love you:)
This week Robert got baptized. Thinking back on it, had I never gotten put in a Trio last transfer I never would have taught him and seen him make that progression towards baptism! What a tender mercy. 🙂 He got baptized by brother clayton who is pretty much his best friend. Brother lacouture was who confirmed him a member  (another best friend of Robert.)
When he came out of the water, he looked at brother clayton and said “That was amazing! I feel so good.” Later that evening he texted us this:
“Thank you I will never forget today and what happened or what I felt today. That was one of my best experiences in my whole life and probably the most beautiful moments ever. I felt calm.” He. Is. Incredible.
Pictures attached. 🙂
I have stories and stories to tell about Robert. I sure am going to miss him!
I am back in the Capital YSA Ward with Sister Hicken. We are losing our 3rd compa (saddest day of life.) But still living together so it will be good.
Sister Missionaries
Some of the blessings we saw this week:
After Roberts baptism we went over to sonic as a district and ordered some slushees and shakes. When they brought them out someone had already paid for them! Baptism and free food? I’m in.
Sister Burton took us in this week and made us a nice meal for mothers day! She’s such a good example to us out here and we love her!
I ate some Korean food this week as well as Brazilian. Who said serving stateside is not cultured??
Anywho, I hope yall have a good week and I will talk to you next week! Hasta luego.
1. Vegas missionaries:)
Sister Missionaries from Vegas in the TSAM
Robert wore a suit and tie that we did not know he owned!

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